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Opening the Hall of Records in the Yucatan in Mexico that has proof of Atlantis

There are hidden (buried) temples in locations throughout the earth that speak of a civilization commonly known as Atlantis. One is known in Giza under the Sphinx and awaits the proper time – for it is to be second to be found. One of the places that could be first is in the Yucatan in Mexico.

The hidden places hold records that will open mankind’s eyes to a time long past and shake the world’s beliefs and foundations to the core. The temples come in pairs or in threes, often some distance from each other and often have an antechamber with artifacts that hide the real treasure of information just beyond.

We know of the precise coordinates in Mexico where one hidden chamber lays buried but easily located. The information there provides the locations of the other places on the earth where duplicate records can be found. We offer the location of the valley to the person (or persons) who have the proper belief and the proper means to step forward

Opening hidden caves on Mount Shasta

There are caves on Mount Shasta that contain artifacts from a forgotten civilization. At least one cave opening is visible from Panther Meadow, if you know where and how to look. The cave has a false back (a hidden door) that can be opened with a set of musicaltones. We know the tones and the proper sequence, and have been waiting for a signal (and a partnership) that has yet to come. We offer the information about the tones that can open the door to the person (or persons) who believe it is time they are opened, and who will step forward.